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Experience and skill spanning three generations

Firmly-rooted in the marble, granite, engineered and quartz stone industry, Marmernova's 48-year history includes a balanced mix of innovative design, superior workmanship and professional delivery. 


The family-run business was founded in 1966 by all-round innovator extraordinaire, Giovanni Agnoletto, (Alfa Romeo engineer and Rolux Lawnmower inventor)! Not satisfied with all this, he started a new company called Marmernova, reconstituting small rocks into blocks which where then cut and polished into the first ever engineered slabs manufactured in South Africa. (Hence the name "marmer" in Afrikaans for marble and "nova" for new). 


Today, grandchildren Riccardo and Pierluigi Marino run Marmernova with the same creative flair, innovation and passion. 

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